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3 Ways to Style an Oversized Button-Up

Today we delve into the art of styling oversized button-ups. We present to you three meticulously curated approaches that transcend the ordinary, transforming the oversized button-up into a canvas for refined and sophisticated ensembles. Elevate your style quotient and explore fashion statements that exude timeless grace.

1. Sexy Sophistication

Sexy Sophistication
A delicate balance of structure and ease, this ensemble seamlessly blends the casual allure of The Aramis Shirt with the structured elegance of The Real Blazer, paired with the chic Mika Mini skirt. The oversized shirt's relaxed fit contrasts with the blazer's sharper lines, creating a statement that effortlessly bridges the gap between casual and refined. 

2. Give It a Twist 

Give it a twist
Creating a subtle yet captivating silhouette, this outfit features an oversized button-up shirt skillfully draped and wrapped around the back and paired with The Seamless Pants. The artful play of fabric transforms the casual into a statement of contemporary chic and unveils the beauty in simplicity.
P.S. If it doesn't wrap all the way around, we recommend using safety pins to hold it in place. 

3. Play with Textures and Patterns 

Play with Textures and Patterns
Dive into a realm of visual delight with this mesmerizing fusion, where the rhythmically striped shirt joins the opulent texture of The Goddess Dress in a dynamic visual composition. The juxtaposition of structured lines against the tactile texture creates a daring and sophisticated look, inviting you to indulge in the artistry of fashion.

Fashion is an ever-evolving canvas waiting for your personal touch. Whether you choose to embrace laid-back allure or sophisticated charm, an oversized button-up is a necessary piece in every wardrobe. 

Today we've explored some of the possibilities that this wardrobe staple presents, in honor of our newest piece The Aramis Shirt. It's a classic black and white striped button-up with a statement collar accented by elegantly crafted cuffs. Stop by our Williamsburg store to see it for yourself. And stop by anytime for styling advice from Helena herself on any HELENA MAGDALENA pieces.

 Go forth, experiment; may your style be as boundless as your imagination.


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