One of our main concerns has always been to create clothing that aligns with the ethical and environmental challenges we face as humans. To achieve this, we have established some principles that guide our operations.


We create timeless pieces that defy fashion trends. Our goal is for our pieces to remain desirable over the years. We only use high-quality materials designed to age well and endure.


We repurpose the existing to create something new. We source most of our fabrics from French luxury brands or vintage pieces that we transform into new garments. Creating solely from existing materials is challenging, but working within this restriction gives birth to the most unique and daring pieces.


Helena Magdalena pieces are crafted in limited-edition series with precision and close attention to detail. We control the manufacturing of each piece to ensure the best quality and humane working conditions. Part of our collection is handcrafted in our own atelier in Brooklyn, while the rest is made in a small, family-owned atelier in Paris.


For every decision we make, whether regarding materials or new partnerships, we carefully consider the environmental impact. We manufacture in Paris when the fabric comes from France and in Brooklyn when it’s sourced from the US. We produce limited-edition series to avoid overproduction. We use deadstock fabrics. Our carbon footprint is compensated for every shipment we make. We offer complimentary repairs because we want the pieces to last as long as possible. We avoid using plastic in our packaging.